SKY Campus Programs are offered in European Universities through the TLEX Institute (TLEX GmbH).

TLEX partners with institutions and NGOs to design unique solutions for their students, staff, faculty and /or employees, supporting greater wellness at the workplace, at the physical, mental and emotional level.  For students, this means nurturing their inherent  resilience, mental clarity and emotional stability. The results are seen in the form of the more enthusiastic and constructive engagement with their studies, greater social  connection on and off campus and a genuine interest in contributing to social and  community development projects. Our students also design and develop their own community development and campus well-being projects and inspire the campus student community to get involved.

For university staff and faculty, our programs build and nurture team connection, individual and team agility and enhance resilience and adaptability, including through inevitable and rapid institutional and structural changes on campus.

The evidence based breathwork and mindfulness tools taught in our programs also reduce stress and enhance overall wellness and connection at the workplace.


SKY programs teach students to thrive in life and lead with clarity of mind, resilience, purpose, and belongingness.

All our programs are also offered online.


A seminar for students or staff including evidence based meditation, breathing techniques, and social connection exercises given in a lively and interactive format.

SKY Campus

A holistic well-being program taught on campus involving evidence-based breathing, meditation techniques, yoga, social connection and mindful leadership.


A holistic well-being program taught on campus involving evidence-based breathing, meditation techniques, yoga, social connection and mindful leadership.


An advanced leadership program that empowers student leaders through personal development, soft skill-building, public speaking, organizing skills, regular practice of SKY techniques, training in meditation facilation and assistance of SKY trainers.

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Students can register an official SKY student organization or club on their campus and join an international network of more than 45 Student SKY Campus Happiness clubs. Student members and faculty guides of these clubs organize events and programs, funds for which are raised mostly by the students/clubs themselves (e.g. through crowd sourcing) or through student club grants. The primary aim of these clubs is to raise awareness about, promote and support the sustenance of a healthy, positive lifestyle on campus. SKY Campus faculty regularly share best practices from around the world with the students and supports the organization of events with other student clubs and/or with global experts on campus health and wellness.


TLEX representatives partner with university administration to implement SKY Campus programs via administrative channels, which may include: freshman orientation, campus wellness initiatives and conferences, residential life, and leadership trainings.


SKY Speakers are experienced SKY teachers who can design and deliver interactive talks for larger groups and specialized events. Invite a SKY Speaker to your campus through our Contact Form. Each speaker can customize content and topics to suit your needs.

Cristoph Köllner

Entrepreneur; Yoga Teacher; TLEX Consultant & Trainer; SKY Teacher

Christoph (Krishi) was born and raised in Hamburg and is an entrepreneur, with considerable experience in the printing and holistic health industry (particularly Ayurveda, health care and wellness). He has been traveling and teaching mindfulness, meditation and SKY breathing workshops for over 15 years and has taught workshops across Europe and in several countries in Africa. Krishi has special expertise in working with athletes, amateur and professional sports, particularly football teams. He has taught the SKY programs to at the Swiss Tennis Association, the Norwegian football club and to several prominent trainers from Germany. He loves Italian food and football and is well known and loved for his trademark high energy and endless enthusiasm. His workshops ignite the same enthusiasm and high energy in the participants – especially students and young professionals.

Email: c.koellner@skycampus.net

MKochupillai - Mrinalini Kochupillai


Academic Researcher; Guest Professor; SKY Speaker & Teacher

Mrinalini (Nalini) is an academic researcher and lecturer by profession and is currently a guest professor at the Technical University of Munich. She has over 15 years of experience teaching law, (business) ethics, meditation, SKY techniques and Yoga in India, USA and Europe. She learned the SKY techniques while in high school and her interaction with the SKY programs expanded while she was in law school, particularly through a service project organizing health and medical camps for slum dwellers in Delhi. As she started using these techniques daily, she also noticed an enormous positive impact on her overall health, academic performance and public speaking skills – what earlier needed several days of preparation and cost several sleepless nights, became second nature to her. Passionate about working with and helping students realize their full potential, Mrinalini enjoys speaking to and inspiring students of all ages, through her academic lectures and SKY courses.

Email: m.kochupillai@skycampus.net



Senior International Art of Living Teacher; SKY Speaker & Teacher

Puja is a senior International Art of Living teacher, born and raised in Botswana, and currently living in UK. She has been a SKY teacher for over 20 years and also SKY Teacher trainer. Puja has taught SKY workshops all over the world in a variety of settings including youth centers, educational institutions, large corporates and even in prisons in Africa. She holds a master’s degree in psychology, loves to travel and spend time in nature. She dons many hats and effortlessly manages each role with zeal and drive. Puja is also a mom to a little girl, and is passionate about spreading joy and making the planet a better place for future generations.

Email: p.handa@skycampus.net

Veronika Krassavina 1 - Veronika Krassavina


Assistant of Management, University of Tartu; SKY Speaker & Teacher

Veronika Assistant of Management, University of Tartu Veronika has a Master’s degree in Organizational Behavior. Her masters thesis was awarded by the Estonian Human Resource Management Association (PARE). Currently, she is writing her Ph.D. titled “Leaders Mind Management and its influence on Organization” also at the University of Tartu. Veronika has more than 10 years of work experience in human resource management (HRM). She is a lecturer at the University of Tartu, School of Economics and Business Administration, and regularly delivers trainings and lectures for companies and students in management, team management and HRM. Veronika has been meditating and practicing yoga for 20 years. She is a certified Yoga and SKY HP teacher and spends her free time teaching breathwork and SKY mindfulness workshops to individuals from all walks of life.

Email: v.krasavina@skycampus.net

Photo on 8-26-15 at 5.40 PM #2 - Veronica R Quitalo

Dr. Veronica Quitalo

Faculty; SKY Speaker & Teacher

Veronica completed her Ph.D. in Mathematics at the University of Texas at Austin (USA) in 2013. Her research on Free Boundary Problems has been published in top 10 journals. She has done two postdocs and is currently an Invited Professor at the University of Coimbra.  Veronica started meditating daily in 2011, during her Ph.D., and learned the SKY breathing technique during her postdoc at Purdue University. The impact of these practices in her professional life as a researcher and as teacher inspired her to become a SKY trainer. She has been recognized with the Spira Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching in Purdue University, where she incorporated meditation and breathing techniques to her graduate and undergraduate math courses. Back in Portugal as a SKY trainer she organized the first SKY Campus Happiness Program in Europe at the University of Coimbra, among other events. Her dream is to empower students and faculty with these effortless yet powerful techniques to calm the mind, sharpen the intellect, bring emotional resilience, and enhance creativity.

Email: v.quitalo@skycampus.net


SKY teachers are certified through the Art of Living Foundation to train students to practice our unique breathing techniques and to facilitate SKY processes and discussions.

Arpit Wason - arpit wason


Sales Manager (Europe) Life Sciences; SKY Teacher

Arpit is a technical sales manager for European countries in the life sciences sector, focusing on the use of enzymes as processing aids, promoting sustainable and green chemistry. After his bachelor’s, Arpit moved to Germany for his Masters in Molecular Biotechnology in 2011. Noticing how mindfulness techniques helped him settle and blend into new environments and cultures with great ease, Arpit has integrated meditation and SKY breathing techniques into his daily routine and has been practicing them regularly for over 10 years. Committed to sharing the benefits of the SKY techniques with other students and young professionals, Arpit completed the training to become a SKY HP teacher in 2017 and has conducted several workshops in Aachen, Köln and Düsseldorf. In addition to teaching SKY HP, Arpit also spends his spare time volunteering for NGOs and enjoys sharing his experiences through humorous stories and rekindle the childlike qualities in others.

Email: a.wason@skycampus.net

CV_Photo - Bedabrata Saha(1)

Dr. Arpita De

Scientist in Nanotechnology; SKY Teacher

Arpita has practiced meditation and SKY breathing based mindfulness techniques for over 15 years. She has a Ph.D. in Nanotechnology, and professionally works as a scientist to develop nanotech solutions for current healthcare problems. She is also a certified mindfulness and SKY Campus instructor, and in parallel with her scientific work, she is committed to helping students find the best version of themselves through the breathwork and mindfulness techniques. She is also an advanced meditation teacher and has over 7 years of experience teaching life-skills & meditation workshops. During her academic career in India, Netherlands, Germany & Denmark, she has taught and organized several life-skill workshops for students in the University of Twente, TU Delft, and Denmark Technical University. Her authenticity, enthusiasm and friendliness and infectious and Arpita finds infinite joy in sharing these with students during her workshops.

Email: a.de@skycampus.net

Bedabrata Saha, medewerker BioMedische Technologie TU Eindhoven

Dr. Bedabrata Saha

Senior Scientist, Medical Diagnostics; SKY Teacher

Bedabrata Saha (Beda) is a meditating scientist. He has a Ph.D. in Biotechnology and is currently working as a senior scientist in the field of medical diagnostics & healthcare. He has been practicing meditation and breathing based mindfulness techniques for over 15 years. Beda is a certified teacher for meditation and SKY techniques and has over 7 years of experience teaching these techniques to youth and young professionals in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. The breathwork and meditation practice helps him stay calm and productive despite the stressful atmostphere at work and Beda enjoys sharing what he has learned with others in his free time through the SKY Campus workshops. Being closely associated with the healthcare industries and academic atmosphere, he has conducted several life-skills and SKY workshops at various Universities in the Netherlands (including VU Amsterdam, TU Delft, University of Twente, and TU Eindhoven) and Denmark (Denmark Technical University), as well as in corporates. His calm humor and friendliness helps participants connect with him and with each other effortlessly and feel at home.

Email: b.saha@skycampus.net



Graphic Designer; Yoga Teacher; SKY Teacher

Débora is an international Yoga Teacher with over 11 years experience. She started her journey in meditation, breath and mindfulness in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2008. In the last 12 years she has conducted classes, courses and over 70 workshops in Spain, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and India. With her background in gymnastics & acrobatics, and her experience in teaching yoga, she is able to break down complex challenges into simple, understandable steps that almost any person can follow. Her style in teaching is a combination of her strenght, warmth and depth. In a very simple and authentic way she connects with people from all walks of life, whether it is in a yoga class, a SKY Program, or a public talk. Her passion is to inspire and empower people from all cultures and backgrounds to unleash their full potential, break their own limits, and become the best version of themselves.

Email: d.grossoni@skycampus.net

Gordana_Profile - Gordana Tihomirović

Gordana Tihomirović

Director, Sri Sri School of Yoga; SKY Teacher

Gordana is a professional yoga teacher and has been teaching yoga and SKY mindfulness techniques for over 10 years now. She has also organized and instructed several international wellness workshops and contributed to several projects aimed at bringing about lasting and positive change in people’s health and lifestyle. At the age of 22, after a difficult war-stricken childhood, caught-up in addictions, Gordana was introduced to SKY breathing techniques through an open workshop organized in her hometown. The workshop, and the SKY techniques had an incredible transformative impact on her life – they helped her overcome addictions and moved her life in a positive and creative direction. Gordana has lead several international teams for organising conferences and international youth leadership training events including under the aegis of the World Forum for Ethics in Business at the European parliament and World Summit on Ethics in Sports at the FIFA headquarters. In addition to being a highly experienced SKY HP teacher, Gordana’s expertise lie in team management, IT, content creation and design. She finds inspiration in constant education and using creativity to tackle challenges. Her personal life is navigated by caring for the health and happiness of others, while sustaining regular care of her own needs and hobbies. Some of her favorites are: cycling, yoga, writing, listening to and playing music.

Email: g.tihomirovic@skycampus.net


Indranil Basu

Scientist; SKY Teacher

Indranil is a scientist by profession, musician by hobby, and a SKY mindfulness practitioner and teacher by passion. Currently working as a scientist at ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), Zurich, Indranil has a Ph.D. in Materials Physics from RWTH Aachen University. His academic career has taken him to diverse places, including India, Canada, Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland to name a few. In each of these countries, since 2013, Indranil has also offered and facilitated SKY breathing and meditation workshops in different academic environments, and more recently, under the umbrella of SKY Campus. Reaching out to students, faculty and university administration in various universities such as, RWTH Aachen, University of Groningen, University of Bremen and ETH Zurich, his workshops have been transformational to many, inspiring them to find the answers to their daily problems by looking within. He loves meeting and connecting with new people, sharing as well as learning from them about diverse issues. His soulful singing always adds a musical, magical touch to each of his workshops, and is much loved by all participants.

Email: i.basu@skycampus.net

me - Karolina Miksiene

Karolina Mikšienė

Yoga & mindfulness teacher; SKY Teacher

Karolina is a graduate of the Medical Faculty of Vilnius University in the subject dentistry. She is a mother of two children and is a certified full time midfulness and breathwork teacher with the Art of Living Foundation since 2010. She enjoys teaching yoga in her spare time and voluteering for various NGOs. As SKY Happiness trainer Karolina is dynamic, sincere, playfull, and at the same time calm and serene. She has taught in several different countries, including in Ukraine and Estonia. Teaching people stress-management techniques and yoga is her biggest passion and inspiration.

Email: k.miksiene@skycampus.net

THuha - 2020-01-09 - DSC_9447 - Marija Juršić-960 - Marija Juršić

Marija Juršić

Lawyer; SKY Teacher

Marija graduated from the Law Faculty of the University of Zagreb. She first learned the SKY technique at the age of 20. She noticed that the SKY technique helped her handle her busy schedule more easily, she gained better focus and confidence and developed leadership skills that she never knew existed within her. Inspired by the practical and effective breathing technique she started organizing SKY programs for exchange students at her University. Her daily SKY practice continues to help her manage her stressful and challenging career as a lawyer. She is a certified SKY teacher and regularly teaches programs for young professionals, students, kids and a specialized program for prisoners. Marija is alive, cheerful, creative and her dynamism is exceptional. She particularly enjoys working with students and spends her free time teaching SKY workshops to University students and professionals from various sectors.

Email: m.jursic@skycampus.net

01_IMG_7920 - Komprimiert - Philip Rossmann - Philip Rossmann

Philip Roßmann

PhD student; SKY Teacher

hilip completed his bachelor’s at the Hochschule München. He graduated with a master’s degree in chemical engineering at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität (FAU) in 2015 and is currently a full time Ph.D. student. In his research, he uses a life-cycle assessment as a tool to identify a sustainable alternative to produce C4 base chemicals. On FAU campus, he teaches an improvisation theater students program, with a focus on self-development. He is also part of the management board of an improvisation theater group called “Faust aufs Auge” as well as the campus garden team. Philip volunteers for several NGOs including the Art of Living Foundation (AOLF), International Association for Human Values (IAHV) and works as trainer for the SKY Campus Happiness Program with the TLEX Institute. As SKY Happiness trainer his heart lies in supporting individuals in their empowerment and self-development journey. In his sessions, he teaches with a dynamic nature and a clear mind, combined with charm and humor.

Email: p.rossmann@skycampus.net



Classical dancer; Artist; SKY Teacher

Purnimaa is a graduate with a master’s degree in Oncology from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. After gaining a few years of experience in cancer research, Purnimaa currently finds her passion for teaching dance, meditation, and breathing techniques. Inspired by her culture and her roots, she founded and runs an academy in the Netherlands imparting Indian classical arts – dance and music. She has been an active volunteer with the Art of Living Foundation for more than 15 years, and more recently with the TLEX institute. Additionally, she is also a SKY Campus Happiness Trainer. She has been practicing breathing techniques since she was a child and meditation, for more than 15 years. While at university, these simple techniques instantly enhanced her performance, awareness, and focus such that she won scholarships to study in the United States and later, in the Netherlands. She loves to spend time with youth and empower them with life skills, meditation, and breath. Her sessions are filled with dynamism and energy with a lot of fun and laughter.

Email: p.nair@skycampus.net



Ph.D. Student; SKY Teacher

Raju Ram completed his bachelor’s from IIT Guwahati in India. He holds a joint master’s Erasmus Mundus degree in Computational Science and Engineering from TU Delft (Netherlands) and FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg (Germany). Currently, engaged with his Ph.D. at Fraunhofer ITWM, Germany, Raju has found the SKY techniques to be particularly effective , as they help him be effortlessly focused and more creative, as he develops the parallel linear solver library GaspiLS to simulate faster computational models. Raju has himself facilitated several mindfulness seminars and started assisting SKY Happiness programs during his master studies at TU Delft and FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg. He has also organized mindfulness seminars at “Hochschulsport” in Kaiserslautern, Germany. In 2019, Raju completed the rigorous training to himself become a SKY Happiness facilitator, and is committed to empowering students and young professionals by teaching them SKY mindfulness practices. His personal attributes such as networking skills, creativity, smile, and a “getting things done attitude” have already enabled him to transform many lives using mindfulness practices around the globe.

Email: r.ram@skycampus.net


Shailja Gulia

Marketing and Finance Expert; SKY Teacher

Shailja holds an MBA degree in Marketing & Finance. Having worked in various industries including media and hospitality, she brings her organizational and social skills to every project. At a very young age, Shailaja came in touch with SKY breath-work and mindfulness techniques and was fascinated by the positive impact it had on her life and her studies. Since then, she has organized countless SKY workshops for her friends, family and community . In 2019, Shailaja took the plunge and participated in the rigorous teacher training to become a SKY Happiness Programs trainer. Her goal is to create more awareness about a healthier, happier way of life. She brings her natural charm and enthusiasm to all her workshops and believes the way forward is by empowering the youth – our future leaders. In her free time, she loves to read, write, cook and is a movie buff.

Email: s.gulia@skycampus.net

9C3295AE-D625-453C-B83D-7D767722F57F - Sneha Chandole

Sneha Chandole

Product Manager; SKY Teacher

Sneha works as a Product Manager in the Network Security area at a multinational bank in Poland. She is also an international trainer of meditation and breathing techniques and has been practicing these techniques herself for more than 10 years. Sneha is passionate about sharing these key tools with students and young professionals to help them gain inner strength and realize their true potential. She volunteers for various Charity Organizations and NGOs in her free time and has taught the SKY Campus programs at NC State and The Ohio State University in North America. Currently, she is organizing and teaching workshops at various universities in Poland. Sneha’s cheerful personality and empathetic nature is inspiring for students, who she connects to with ease. Spending time with students and young professionals is also her own passion and she finds infinite joy and inspiration in being with them.

Email: s.chandole@skycampus.net

Srividya - Srividya M

Srividya Shetty

Human Resource Professional; SKY Teacher

Srividya Shetty Human resource professional Srividya is an aspiring HR Thought professional, and has hands-on experience as Head-HR of start-up ventures. She is a gold medalist in Organizational Psychology, a University level table tennis player and a passionate believer of sustainable living. She has over 10 years of experience teaching the SKY mindfulness techniques and has conducting workshops for youth in India and the Netherlands.

Email: s.shetty@skycampus.net


Dr. Suraj Prabhakaran

Chief Technology Officer, IT Industry; SKY Teacher

“For a mind that is calm, problems don’t exist.”

Suraj is a CTO of an IT Firm in Germany. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from TU Darmstadt, Germany and has Master’s in Software Systems Engineering from RWTH Aachen University. As a techie with passion for innovation and has a number of published research and patents to his name. Suraj gives the credits of much of his success to the breathing and meditation techniques that he has been practicing over 8 years and is a trainer of as well. He has conducted several SKY Happiness programs in Germany along with many seminars and workshops that enlighten students on improving essential career skills through breathing and meditation techniques. He volunteers in various NGOs and the TLEX Institute. His sessions are energetic and filled with humor. He is an avid traveler, voice actor, singer and an amateur guitar player.

Email: s.prabhakaran@skycampus.net

Screenshot_20200324-111957_Gallery - Tahir Sharief

Dr. Tahir Sharief

Medical doctor; SKY Teacher

Tahir grew up in Zimbabwe, and is a medical doctor by profession, currently living & working in UK. He has been a certified SKY mindfulness and breath-work teacher since 2011, and a certified yoga teacher since 2015. Tahir has consistently noticed how practicing the SKY breathing technique on a regular basis make him calmer, more relaxed and focused, even in the most challenging situations – this is crucial and invaluable in his work environment where he has to deal with very sick persons and their concerned relatives on a daily basis, and make important decisions rather swiftly. It is no wonder, therefore, that outside of his professional work, teaching stress-management techniques and yoga are Tahir’s greatest passion and inspiration. As a SKY teacher, Tahir is dynamic, sincere, playful, and at the same time calm and serene. He has taught in several different countries, including Germany & India. He also volunteers for various NGOs, being involved in several service projects across the globe. Remaining calm and positive through all situations have now became his trademark, to the extent that his colleagues now call him Dr. Zen.

Email: t.sharief@skycampus.net

13055336_10154961917494625_752423091453532158_n - Theodora Kostovska

THEODORA Kostovska

Psychologis; SKY Teacher

Theodora enjoys working to improve her personality and emotional intelligence. She is involved in long-term work with young people. She works a various NGOs, which have the aim to establishing human values in society. Her aim is to give young people the opportunity to hone their talents and skills, and take on personal and social responsibilities with more enthusiasm and joy.

Email: t.kostovska@skycampus.net

Vandana 500x500

Vandana Jankipersadsing

Project Manager; SKY Teacher

Vandana currently works as a project manager for a semi government association in The Hague. One of the main tasks is supporting and advising deputy mayors in their effort to become resilient to criminal activities, intimidation and violence, that they experience in their work. She has been teaching SKY life skills programs to children, students and young professionals for 10 years, and just loves to see the transformation in people once they experience mindfulness techniques as well as the SKY breathing technique. To deal with stress in her own work and the day to day life, mindfulness and SKY breathing techniques became an essential part of her life. Vandana is not only a team player, she is also responsible, sharp, friendly, energetic and enthusiastic, and has a great sense of humor.

Email: v.jankipersadsing@skycampus.net

vir profile bluestar 1x1 - Virginia Bodernea


CPA and Europe Lead in Corporate Finance; SKY Teacher

Virginia was born and raised in Argentina. After traveling across the country as an auditor, she became an Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) consultant for a Big4 company and worked for several acquisitions across Latin America. After pursuing an MBA, Virginia was hired by Accenture to create her own M&A team to support transactions in North America, UK and Europe. Virginia has also worked with the global NGO, the Art of Living Foundation (AOLF) and led service and volunteer projects in slums, rehab centres, women’s shelters and in areas affected by natural catastrophies in Argentina. As a SKY Campus trainer, she aims to combine the highest performance and professional development with deep and powerful breathing and meditation techniques to help young people to succed in life and find fulfilment in every moment.

Email: v.bodemea@skycampus.net